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Uni-Kit Bulk Toner #6 - 2-pack On Sale for 49.99

123 Refills offers a large selection of cartridges and refill kits (over 8,000 products listed). Products include printer consumables such as ink refill kits, inkjet cartridges (remanufactured or Original such as HP inkjet cartridges, Lexmark Inkjet Cartridges, Epson Cartridges, Canon Cartridges, Brother cartridges and others) as well as all major laser toner cartridges and toner refill kits. In addition to the OEM cartridges that we provide, our non-original cartridges are either professionally remanufactured or compatible cartridges made and tested to work perfectly in your inkjet printer or laser printer. We offer our customers substantial savings, quality and service on their ink and laser toner cartridge needs, with savings often up to 50 - 85% off the OEM cartridge cost.


Uni-Kit Bulk Toner #6 - 2-pack

Uni-Kit Bulk Toner #6 - 2-pack - 2 PACK Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kit #6 Samsung, Lexmark and more. The Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kit refills most Lexmark & Samsung and other Laser Printers Includes 2 TIMES THE TONER of the regular kit For Lexmark, IBM, Minolta, NEC, QMS, Samsung, Xerox and many more laser toner cartridges Our UNI-KIT toner ink refill kits contain ONLY the highest quality, ultra refined toner inks on the market! The refill kits are easy and fast to use and provide you exactly what you need to quickly and cleanly refill your laser toner ink cartridge. Refilling your toner cartridge with the UNI-KIT takes less than 10 minutes! Printing quality and print yield (pages printed) will be almost 100% the same with your first refill as your original cartridge! We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back! This item contains: 2 x 180 grams bottle of Toner (TWICE THE TONER OF THE REGULAR KIT) 1 funnel cap 1 hole plug 1 instruction booklet Required: Toner Hole Making Tool (sold separately), required for all the models in the table except for Samsung ML1430, ML1710, ML1740, ML1750. Compatible printer models: Burroughs / Unisys / Bull Compuprint Pagemaster 815W & 825E Develop / Dex Dex855 IBM Infoprint 12  International Telephone & Telegraph 13 X 38, 5030, 5032, 5038, 5038 IPDS, 5038 SCS, Courier 13 X 38 Lexmark Optra E210, E310, E312, E312L, E320*, E322* Minolta PagePro 9100N Nashuatec 816, 910, 916 L NEC SuperScript 1400, 1450, 1450N, 1800 & 1800N Oliveti PGL 8L QMS / Minolta PagePro 9100*, 9100N* Samsung CF Series 5100 ML Series 85, 85G, 1010, 1020M, 1210, 1220M, 1250, 1430, 1440, 1450, 1451, 1710, 1740, 1750, 2010, 2250, 4500, 4600, 5000A, 5050G, 5100, 5100A, 5100P, 6000, 6040, 6050, 6060, 6060N, 6100, 6100N, 7000, 7000N, 7000P, 7050 Msys 750, Msys 755P, MSYS-5100, MSYS-7800 OML 680A & 8630A QL Series 5100, 5100A, 6000A, 6050A, 6100, Quicklaser, Quicklaser 5100A, Quicklaser 84, Quicklaser 85 & 85G SF Series 515, 530, 531, 531P, 560, 560, 565P, 750, 755, 5100 & 5100P SCX Series SCX 4100, SCX 4016, SCX 4116, SCX 4116D, SCX 4216F Siemens Fax 760 Tall Printer Corp. MT9109, MT9208I, T9108, T9208, T9308 & T9408 Xpress T9412C, 9412N & T9412i Xerox/Diablo 4508, Document WorkCentre 385, Docuprint P8e & P8ex Docuprint 4508, P1202, P1210, Phaser 3400B & 3400N, WorkCentre 385 & 390, PE220 Required: Replacement Fuse (FREE) - only needed for Samsung SF 5100, ML 5000A, ML 5050G, ML 5100A, Qwiklaser 5100A, Lexmark Optra E310/ E312/ E312L, Olivetti PGL 8L, Xerox DocuPrint P8e, P8ex and Xerox Workcentre 385. Additional fuses cost $1 - $2 each Required: Lexmark Replacement Chip (sold separately for $9.99) - only needed for Lexmark E320, E322 Required: Minolta Replacement Chip (sold separately for $12.99) - only needed for Minolta Pagepro 9100 Toner Refills from Uni-Kit are high quality and come with 24 hour tech support service. Guaranteed to bring your empty toner cartridge back to working condition, as long as your cartridge was printing well before it emptied you can expect approximately 100% same quality and page yield with your 1st refill.

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