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Uni-Kit Bulk Toner for Dell 1700 / 1700n - 4-pack On Sale for 64.99

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Uni-Kit Bulk Toner for Dell 1700 / 1700n - 4-pack

Uni-Kit Bulk Toner for Dell 1700 / 1700n - 4-pack - Dell 1700 / Dell 1700n Toner Refill Kit by Uni-Kit 4 PACK (VALUE PACK) Compatibility List: Dell 1700 cartridges Dell 1700n cartridges Lexmark E330 cartridges Lexmark E332 cartridges Lexmark E332n cartridges Lexmark E332tn cartridges Lexmark E232 Lexmark E232t Lexmark E342n IBM 1412 IBM 1412n Now you have an alternative to buying expensive new Dell or Lexmark toner cartridges! Refill your existing toner cartridges from Dell or Lexmark or IBM and save over $50 PER CARTRIDGE! Refilling these cartridges is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. The Uni-Kit toner refill system for the Dell cartridges is easy for anyone to do, and restores your toner cartridges to LIKE NEW condition. With Uni-Kit special formulated toner for the Dell 1700 and Lexmark E232 / E332 / E330 toner cartridges you will enjoy 95 - 100% same quality as the ORIGINAL cartridges that you would order direct from Dell or Lexmark. Uni-Kit toner refills for these cartridges are equivalent to HIGH CAPACITY cartridge yields. This item contains: 4 x Toner Refill (HIGH CAPACITY)4 x Replacement Chips1 x Refill Instructions Refill instructions and tools are included and chips are also included. Everything you need to refill your Dell 1700n / Lexmark cartridges is included, and it only takes 5 minutes to do! Industry information on Dell 1700 and Lexmark E232 / E330 / E332: On June 1, 2004, Lexmark released a new family of E-series printers based on an entirely new print engine. These five new printers feature a dual consumable printer that uses a separate toner and drum unit designed solely by Lexmark. Lexmark’s base model E232 prints 22ppm and sells for $199. It replaces the old E220 machine which was only capable of printing 18ppm. The E323t sells for $299 and is the same as the E232 except that it has an additional 550 sheet paper tray. At $399, the E330 prints 27ppm and replaces both the E312 and E323 machines. Lastly, the E332n and E332nt sell for $499 and $599 respectively, and are both network capable. The E332nt comes with an extra paper tray. In May 2004, Dell released two new machines using the same dual consumable Lexmark engine. Dell’s entry level machine the 1700 has a print speed of 25ppm and sells for $179 (I just saw it on Dells website). Dells network version,the 1700n, has the same print speed of the 1700 and sells for $299. IBM released two machines using this new Lexmark engine as well. The 1412 is based on the E330 engine that prints 27ppm and,at $399, sells for the same price.The 1412n is IBM’s network version of the Lexmark E332n printer and, at $499, is priced the same. Standard yield cartridges and high yield cartridges are available from all suppliers. However Dell offers a 3,000 page standard yield cartridge while Lexmark and IBM standard yield cartridge yields 2,500 pages at 5% coverage. All three suppliers offer a 6,000 page high yield cartridge and all cartridges are available in Lexmark’s Cartridge Return program. The drum units for these machines yield 30,000 pages and, according to Lexmark, many customers may not ever need to replace the drum unit because of low monthly usage.

Uni-Kit Bulk Toner for Dell 1700 / 1700n - 4-pack Click Here for Our Lowest Price

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