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Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kit for Lexmark E120 / E120n On Sale for 19.99

123 Refills offers a large selection of cartridges and refill kits (over 8,000 products listed). Products include printer consumables such as ink refill kits, inkjet cartridges (remanufactured or Original such as HP inkjet cartridges, Lexmark Inkjet Cartridges, Epson Cartridges, Canon Cartridges, Brother cartridges and others) as well as all major laser toner cartridges and toner refill kits. In addition to the OEM cartridges that we provide, our non-original cartridges are either professionally remanufactured or compatible cartridges made and tested to work perfectly in your inkjet printer or laser printer. We offer our customers substantial savings, quality and service on their ink and laser toner cartridge needs, with savings often up to 50 - 85% off the OEM cartridge cost.


Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kit for Lexmark E120 / E120n

Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kit for Lexmark E120 / E120n - Complete Toner Refill Kit for Lexmark E120 / Lexmark E120n laser toner cartridges. Compatible with Lexmark cartridge 12035SA and others. LEXMARK E120 ENGINE / CARTRIDGE INFORMATION: The E120n laser printer makes printing easy. The E120n is amazingly simple to use and gives you quality results. The 183MHz processor is matched with 16MB of RAM allowing the E120n to pump out prints at 20ppm. The printer is network ready and also connects via USB. With 1200 dpi, the printer gives solid results from this little power horse. Perfect for small businesses, the E120n has a compact footprint and takes minimal effort to set up. The E120n is truly user friendly, fast, reliable and cost effective. This Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kit will give you 1 FULL refill on your Lexmark E120n toner cartridge. Why pay over $80 for a replacement toner cartridge when Uni-Kit refill system will restore your cartridge to LIKE NEW CONDITION! This refill kit includes: 1 x Toner Refill Bottle 1 x Pouring spout 1 x Replacement chips 1 x Refill Instructions Note: We recommend that you refill the same toner cartridge 2-3 times before replacing with a new cartridge or a compatible / remanufactured cartridge with new parts. The reason is because with subsequent refills, the quality and page yield will drop. You can expect about 100% quality and page yield on the 1st refill, and 90% on the 2nd refill.

Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kit for Lexmark E120 / E120n Click Here for Our Lowest Price

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