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100ml Inkedibles Printer Head Cleaning Solution On Sale for 14.99

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100ml Inkedibles Printer Head Cleaning Solution

100ml Inkedibles Printer Head Cleaning Solution - This item includes Inkedibles™ cleaning liquid (edible ink cleaning solution) in a generous, convenient size of 100ml (equivalent to a little over 3.5 ounces). Easy twist design and easy access to draw up ink with an injector and fill the Inkedibles premium brand edible inks into your Inkedibles™ refillable cartridges. This cleaning solution is great to help unclog printheads that may have become clogged due to non-use. Edible inks are made with water-based food coloring, they include sugar and color. If you leave the printer idle for too long, the liquid from the cartridges may evaporate slightly, leaving behind deposits which can crystallize and clog up your printer's print heads. By turning your printer on and then off once a day, your printer is primed to do a cleaning cycle and keeps the inks flowing through the print-heads, preventing clogs. If your print-heads clog up due to non-use, you can: Run a print-head cleaning cycle in your printer (check your printer's menu settings), or for more severe clogging you can Use our this food safe edible print-head "cleaning solution" (fill an Inkedibles cartridge with this solution and run a print head cleaning solution to get the solution to flow through your printer, cleaning your printheads).

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